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We are experts in understanding and translating your business needs into easy-to-use custom tailored software. We collaborate with your team and help choose the right technology and optimal implementation strategy that fits your budget. The combination of our technology expertise, industry knowledge, and business acumen makes us the perfect choice for your business solutions needs.



Coral MSP - cloud-based, B2B platform

Custom Software Development

Ad Sales

CRM, Sponsorship, Integration with Traffic, Programming, Commercial Instructions

Software Product Design Development

Content Distribution

Non-linear Distribution, Asset and Image Management

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Extranets (B2B), Electronic Spot Delivery, Media Value Calculation and Reporting, Promotion, Event Management



Billing, Invoicing, Online Payment, ERP Integration, Remittance Processing, Rate and Revenue Management

Mobile Application Development


Devices, SmartCards, Transport, Signal Request Workflows, Uplink Integration and Reconciliation, Motorola, Cisco, and VIAccess API's